The National Resource Center on the Middle East and North Africa (NRC-MENA) at Georgetown University has represented Georgetown since 1997 in the community of US Department of Education-sponsored National Resource Centers focusing on the Middle East region. The National Resource Centers, housed in major universities across the nation, form the backbone of US language and area expertise. Today’s NRCs, funded through the Title VI program, include a strong elementary, secondary, and community college (K-14) outreach component and service to professional schools, greater emphases on integrated global forces and their regional impacts, as well as less commonly taught languages of these regions. Georgetown’s NRC-MENA, utilizing the expertise and resources of various University departments, focuses on a multi-disciplinary approach to international studies with a strong emphasis of the languages of the region, specifically, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish.

In addition to the NRC functions, Georgetown also offers Foreign Language and Area or International Studies (FLAS) Fellowships. FLAS Fellowships, also part of federal Title VI program funding, provide opportunities for intensive study of less-commonly taught languages and world areas both domestically and abroad during either the summer or academic year. Through the FLAS Fellowship program, many Georgetown students have taken advantage of these resources to support their in-depth study of the region, specifically language study in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian or Turkish.